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Corporate Health and Wellness

What is it?
● We think of corporate wellness as more than just physical training. Our goal is to create a program that develops a healthy lifestyle, through physical training, nutrition coaching and programming, and goal setting/mindset training. Empowering your employees to live a healthier lifestyle will make them happier, and more productive for your business.

What does the program look like?

●  We offer 2 options, and they're based on whether the workouts are taking place at your facility or ours

  • If you are local to the Northern Kentucky area we offer the option to have your employees come to our facility.  We are located in Ft Wright, KY and conveniently just a few miles south of the I-275 loop.  Our 10,000 square foot facility can handle any large group, and our showers give your employees the chance to clean up before heading back to work.  These classes can be ongoing, or used as team building for your organization.  As always this program is customizable and can be discussed during your initial consultation.
  • The second option is to have us come to you!  We will visit your facility and develop a custom program based around your available equipment.  You will receive 5 days worth of custom programming every week, with demonstration videos, and a video discussing the specific goals for the day.  Your employees will be able to watch those videos and perform the workouts at any time, so the program fits every schedule!  We are also available to add coached classes to the program, so you can have one of our certified coaches come to your location and teach your employees that day.  Sounds great but maybe you don't quite have the ideal setup?  We are more than happy to consult with you and make suggestions on equipment, space, and layout decisions.

●  The Nutrition Portion of the program is focused on both quality and quantity of food being consumed. We will educate your employees how to make good decisions regarding what food to eat, and answer common questions about travel and eating out. Once we have the quality figured out we will start to dial in the quantity of food they eat. We match our recommendations to each employee’s goals, and set them up with a guide on timing and amount of each food to eat.  Through the Wodify Rise app we can create a custom nutrition challenge for your organization, that will reward your employees with points when they make healthy choices and stick to their plan.

●  Goal setting teaches your employees how to set appropriate goals, with actionable plans for achieving them. Mindset training develops mental toughness, and teaches your employee how to see difficult situations as positive opportunities to grow.


●  It’s comprehensive. Our program doesn’t zero in on one specific approach, nor does it only work on one aspect of fitness. We improve fitness across the board, and throw in nutrition, and mindset training to make the “whole package.”

●  It works. We have been successfully using this same approach at our facility for 5+ years, and have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

●  It’s difficult. With challenge comes team building and growth. Your staff will develop a community based viewpoint, and the shared struggle will build a better team.

How much?

● Our pricing is based on whether you come to our facility or we come to yours, and any additional instructor lead classes you add to the program.  Contact us to schedule your consultation, and let us help you achieve your goals!

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  • Here is a short video of one of our classes at Sunstar Engineering!