Imagine if 45 minutes of training could lead to 48 hours of effortless calorie burning. Well now it can.

It’s calledFt. Wright Zone, we simply reboot your metabolism, making it work optimally and consistently for a short bursts, thus dramatically increasing the effects of exercise.

This type of exercise programming, is known as Ft. Wright Zone and is exclusively offered at Ft. Wright CrossFit. 

At Fort Wright CrossFit, we are considered pioneers of group fitness. We learned early on, that exercise is as much of an art as it is science. And this ground breaking approach is delivered through a high tech group class.   

In our purpose built, dedicated functional fitness gym, we are revolutionizing fitness. This is a class like no other - utilizing the MYZONE Heart Rate System, we are able to individually tailor the workout for every athlete.

Q. What is Ft. Wright Zone?

The Ft. Wright Zone, is a group exercise session that uses mixed modal exercises performed in specific interval patterns. These exercises and intervals are structured to stimulate your metabolism to burn calories for up 48 hours after the workout – thereby boosting your metabolism. Through proper programming , we are able to optimize your fitness results for the long haul.

Q. Sounds like CrossFit… is it CrossFit?

It is like CrossFit – and uses similar workout structures – however, it is very different in that our CrossFit program measures individuals by Power Output. With Ft. Wright Zone, and the unique MYZONE Heart-Rate Monitor System, we measure each individual's exertion (or work rate). This means you only go as hard as your individual fitness levels dictate. By using this system, we can customize an individual's exercise to match their level of fitness. In other words, we use MYZONE to "make group exercise personal.”


Class Times: M/W/F at 12:00PM ET