Tuesday 9/25

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Team Series

  • That’s a wrap on week 1! Next set of workouts will be released Wednesday 9/26. My speculation is we will have some longer 20min style workouts, a “max” type lift, and some relay type workouts instead of all the Synchronized stuff like last week. Either way I’m excited for the next set! The plan for the workouts will be #5 Thursday, #6 Friday, #7 Saturday, and #8 Monday. However we may adjust that to accommodate new folks on Saturday. If we do, we will make sure to announce that.



  • I’m heading to the CrossFit Running Course this weekend (9/29) so be prepared for some running knowledge when I come back!

Endurance Work

  • Here are 2 sample workouts that are intended to build Aerobic Capacity. The first will work on Lactic Threshold, with shorter sprints. The Second works more on pacing and Aerobic Efficiency:

  • 10x500m row with 1:00 rest between. Goal here is to find a fast pace that is repeatable, with all 10 intervals being within a few seconds of each other.

  • 6000m row with negative splits. Goal here is to increase your pace and finish each 1000m faster than the previous one. Start at around 70% effort and bump it up every 1000m.

Need to Know

  • Sweatshirt order and $$ due this Friday, 9/28

  • Keeneland Bus Trip 10/13, see Heidi Ferguson for details, payment etc..

  • Parent/Kids Class 10/7 at 12PM

  • Halloween In House Competition 10/27, sign-ups for that coming soon.

  • Kids Day Camp (Ages 8 and up) on 10/28, 9am to 12pm, $25 for Members, $35 Non-members.

Flying Axes

  • Thanks Heidi Ferguson for organizing this fun social event. If you haven’t done this yet, I highly recommend it!