Mindfulness Challenge

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Mindfulness Challenge

I am really fired up about this challenge! We are taking all the things that we have learned in the last few years that have made big impacts in our lives, and making them a part of the challenge. Things like sleep, journaling, screen time, rest days, exercise, and nutrition. I think I am most excited about the screen time, and journaling as those 2 things have made the biggest impact on my mental health!

The challenge will run the month of May (1st-31st) and costs $30. The top 3 individuals will receive prizes, but everyone who participates will benefit from the good habits developed during the challenge. We are also opening the challenge up to non-members of FWCF, that’s how powerful we think this challenge will be!

To Register for the challenge click here: Challenge Registration

To stay informed, and learn more click here: Challenge Newsletter

Current Events

  • Kids Day Camp: 4/28, 12P-3P, ages 8-12 years old, $25

  • Parent/Kids Class: 5/5 @12P, $5

  • Flying Pig Yoga: 5/5 @630P, $5

  • Parents Night Out: 5/11, 5P to 9P ages 6-12 years old, $30

Run Fun

Here is a great running workout to try!

3:00 Warmup Walk

5:00 EZ Pace (should be able to hold a conversation)

5:00 Yellow Zone (should still be able to talk, but only a couple words at a time)

2:00 EZ Pace

*Repeat 5:00 Yellow, 2:00 EZ for 4RDs

5:00 EZ Pace

3:00 Cooldown Pace