Intramural Standings and Group Personal Training

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Current Events

  • 19.6 will be held this Saturday 3/23 at 10:30AM. We will still have our regularly scheduled classes 615A/730A/9A and then we will do the Row Biathlon (19.6). Following the Row Biathlon we will have the BBQ cook off for 19.5 Bonus Points. Chefs please have your food(1 BBQ item and 1 side) ready for judging at 11:30A

Intramural Standings

  • Top Male Scores: Kyle Stark 11:54/Nathan Wassler 123 reps/Andrew Zimmerman 119 reps

  • Top Female Scores: Leah Cole 117 reps/ Morgan Zimmerman 113 reps/ Karla Allison 109 reps

  • Team Spirit Award: Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

  • Best Hype Video: Team Sasquatch

  • Standings

    • 1. Chuck Norris Freedom Eagles: 165pts

    • 2. Kung Fu Macro Ninjas: 155pts

    • 3. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It: 143pts

    • 4. Team Sasquatch: 131pts

Group Personal Training

We all know and love the group class aspect of CrossFit. But sometimes it is easier to learn in a smaller setting, especially when it comes to gymnastic and weightlifting skills. Nothing beats the 1-1 attention of a knowledgeable coach that can give you tips, and homework to improve your technique. Let’s be honest though, 60 minutes of Muscle Up practice would leave anyones arms ready to fall off. Enter group personal training, which allows you to split the cost of the session, and give yourself a little rest while other people work the same skill. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Email for more info or to get scheduled.

Intramural Standings and St Patricks Day Stew

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Current Events

*Pop-up kids class this Friday (3/15) 10:30a - 11a (3-7 years old) and 11a - 11:30a (8 and up) - the kids are off school so let’s workout! 

*The gym is closed after the 9am community class due to a Coaches Meeting, thank you for understanding!

KG3 Beef Stew for St Patrick’s Day

Crockpot Beef Stew Ingredients:

• 2 pounds stewing beef

• 2 cups of reduced sodium chicken broth

• 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar

• 1 medium Vidalia onion, chopped

• 2 stalks of celery, roughly chopped

• 2 large carrots, peeled and chopped

• 3-5 small gold potatoes, cubed (optional)

• ½ Tbsp garlic, minced

• ½ Tbsp of paprika

• 3 bay leaves

• 1/2 tsp of salt

• 1/2 tsp of black pepper

• 1 tsp each dried rosemary, basil, and oregano

• 1/8 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch or even pancake mix to thicken Stew

Cooking Directions

1. Place your beef into crockpot.

2. Add liquids then all other ingredients except for your thickener on top of the beef.

3. Cover and cook on low for eight hours.

Directions to Thicken

1. Just before you’re ready to eat, use a ladle to spoon out most of the liquid into a small saucepan.

2. Bring to a boil.

3. Stir a small amount of the liquid into a small bowl and sprinkle in the arrowroot flour, whisking as you add it. Make sure there are no lumps.

4. Slowly pour the arrowroot mixture into the boiling liquid in the pot and remove from heat as you whisk continuously.

5. Do not reheat as this will break the bonds of the thickener.

6. If it’s not thick enough, use water and some more arrowroot powder in your small bowl, whisk to mix, then slowly add into the gravy.

7. Pour thickened gravy back into slow cooker and stir gently. Macros – per 1 serving Makes 6 servings

Calories: 213

Protein: 30g

Fat: 5g

Carbohydrates: 9g

Intramural Standings

Week 3 Winners:

-Men: Kyle Stark 149/Ryan Brown 128/Nathan Wassler 126

-Women: Morgan Zimmerman 116/Kelsey Leigh 107/ Karla Allison 105

-Team Spirit: Kung Fu Macro Ninjas

-Best Testimonial Video: Kate Grise,

-Team Standings

  1. Chuck Norris Freedom Eagles: 126pts.

  2. Kung Fu Macro Ninjas: 125pts

  3. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It: 106pts

  4. Team Sasquatch: 94pts

Intramural Scoring and CF Testimonial

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Current Events

  • Parent-Kid Class this Sunday (3/10) at noon! $5 for the class

  • Kids Day Camp (8 and up) this Sunday (3/10) from 1p-4p ($25 for the class, sibling discount available)

Intramural Scoreboard

  • Top Male Scores: Ryan Brown: 261, Kyle Stark: 260, Vince Lanning: 258

  • Top Female Scores: Katie Miller: 260, Megan Watts: 256, Morgan Zimmerman: 254

  • Team Spirit Award Winners: Team Sasquatch

  • Social Media Review Winner: Mark Hasselbeck

  • Overall Leaderboard

    • 1. Chuck Norris Freedom Eagles: 73 Pts

    • 2. Kung Fu Macro Ninjas: 68 Pts

    • 3. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It: 65 Pts

    • 4. Team Sasquatch: 61 Pts


  • This weeks challenge for the Intramural Open is to create a positive testimonial video to how CrossFit has impacted your life. Here is mine as an example!

This is a video about how CrossFit has positively impacted my life.

Nutrition and Seasonal Affective Disorder

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War on Weather – using diet and exercise to fight the February Blues.

-By: Kate Grise

The days are gray and the nights are still long.  A disruption in circadian rhythms, serotonin levels drop but levels of melatonin increase with the lack of sunlight.  You might be feeling tired, you might be feeling unmotivated...maybe even a bit grumpy.  One day of missing CF and eating junk suddenly turned into a week, uh oh it’s an attack of those seasonal blues and it can affect anyone.  What’s an athlete to do?!  For me, I love the simple answers that don’t involve me buying a negative air ionization system:

  • Check what you’re eating! 

    • After my trip to Iceland I realized one main key for fighting the cold: FISH and FISH OIL!  Fish contains amazing Vitamin D, which in warmer months we easily get from sunlight and Omega-3 oils which have shown major promise in fighting depression.  Shellfish, salt or fresh water fish all contain both of these weather fighters.  For February in particular, try to increase your fish intake or try either of these: SFH liquid fish oil, or Lysi USA Cod Liver oil to increase your vitamin D!

    • Hydration.  It’s easy to stick to warm coffee and tea over cold water.  Try switching to room temperature water to keep your water intake at or above 2 liters a day. 

    • Dark, leafy greens.  I feel like the key to life is hidden in dark, leafy greens.  Add broccoli, kale and spinach to your meals to increase your serotonin levels. 

    • Avoid those baked goods – I know it sounds amazing on a cold day but that bagel isn’t fighting the same fight that eggs and spinach are in the war on weather.  Stick with whole grains, quinoa and rice to get in your healthy carbs.  

  • Exercise

    • Change up your workout time! 

      • Can’t drag yourself out of bed in the morning?  Hit up a lunch time Zone class or evening CrossFit.  Work with the season, not against it. 

    • Sign up for the CrossFit Open!

      • Best way to combat rain and snow?  Get in the Open.  The feeling in the gym is positively electric during the next 5 weeks.  Get yourself an emotional and physical boost and sign up!

If you’ve tried all of these quick, simple tricks and still find yourself struggling, a quick MyChart message to your doctor might give you other options, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Intramural Scoreboard

  • Top Male Scores: Matt Cole/Jack Howard @323 reps, Nathan Wassler @320 reps

  • Top Female Scores: Meredith Schoborg @290 reps, Kristen Bell @283 reps, Stephanie Stark @278 reps

  • Week 1 Team Spirit Award: Chuck Norris Freedom Eagles

  • Week 1 Bonus Challenge(Review) Winner: Maura Russell, team #gangsterrapmademedoit

  • Current Standings

    1. Chuck Norris Freedom Eagles/Gangster Rap Made Me Do It: 38pts

    3. Kung Fu Macro Ninjas: 33pts

    4. Team Sasquatch: 28pts

4 Reasons That Everyone Should Do The CrossFit Open

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4 Reasons That Everyone Should Do The Open

  1. Motivation

    For a lot of people The Open is their first exposure to competitive CrossFit. It’s their first time having a judge thats calling out their reps, and holding them to a standard. The atmosphere is ramped up a lot, especially if their gym is doing a “Friday Night Lights” type event. Those things motivate people and cause them to push past their pre-conceived barriers. That’s why we see so many PRs and firsts during The Open. Imagine the scene of someone getting their first Muscle Up and the gym exploding with cheers, that’s what its all about!

  2. Validation

    For better or worse The Open will validate your last year of training. Maybe you spent the off season working on your weaknesses, and trying to finally master the HSPU. This is the time to see all that hard work pay off. On the flip side maybe your training wasn’t where you wanted it to be and “life” kept getting in the way. But you signed up for The Open anyway, and surprised yourself with your performance!

  3. Community

    This is my favorite part of The Open! Seeing your fellow CrossFitters doing well, and pushing themselves harder than they have before. That shared suffering bonds us, and gives us something to talk about for years to come. Not only does it bring together your local affiliate, it brings together the entirety of the CrossFit Community and is the one opportunity a year that everyone is doing the same programming. Later on you can run into a fellow CrossFitter in the airport and reminisce about how terrible 16.5 was.

  4. Growth

We have all heard the quote “great things never came from comfort zones” The Open will definitely push you outside of your comfort zone. You will push harder than you are used to, and comfortable with. You will be forced to try things that you may not be good at, and you will be forced to do more reps than you are used to. But guess what? Outside your comfort zone is where all the growth happens. Being forced out of your comfort zone will not only bring you physical growth, but mental growth as well. You will learn that you had a whole place in your mind that you didn’t know existed. We call this the dark place, and during The Open, we call it home.

Current Events

  • February 21st - The first Open Workout will be released at 8PM on, we will do the workout as the class WOD on 2/22

  • February 23rd - Lifting Hearts Event from 5p-9p, sign up at the coaches desk! We are going to have so much fun!

  • We will continue to have the 45min classes on Sundays at 10AM, Strength + a Metcon in a quick 45min format!

  • March 3rd - Yoga with Brenda ($5 cash) for the class at noon.

Current Events and the FWCF Intramural Open

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Current Events

  • February 14th - Wear RED! And don’t miss class because there will be chances to win some prizes! 

  • February 18th - the kids are off school so bring them to a pop up kids class! 

    10:30-11 (3 to 7) 

    11- 11:30 (8 and up) 

  • February 21st - THE OPEN starts! Sign up at

  • February 23rd - “Lifting Hearts” a parents night out! Please signup on the sheet on the coaches desk to reserve your spot! Age 5 - 12 years old, games, workouts, dinner and a movie! Don’t miss it! 

Intramural Open




-2019 FWCF Intramural Open

-Participants will be “drafted” or “recruited” on to a team with a Coach for a Captain.

-Each week participants can earn points for their team by performing the workout, with the opportunity to earn bonus points for various tasks (check ins, performance, team spirit, reviews etc)


-With all the changes to the CrossFit Games season this year we wanted to try something a little bit different, and have some fun!

-All your friends are doing it.


-All workouts will be done at FWCF

-Registration will be done at


-The Open runs from 2/21-3/25, with a Bonus week 6 WOD just for us

-Each week there will be 1 workout released on Thursday evening, and that workout will be programmed for the regular classes on the next day (Friday)

How Much?

-Registration for the Open is $20 on

-Make sure to list “Ft. Wright CrossFit” as your affiliate, and don’t forget the “.” behind “Ft”

Double Under Clinic Takeaways

What they learned!

  • Measuring your equipment!  For beginners and those with permanent mobility issues in the arms: stand on your rope with one foot, and pull the tips of the handles of your rope to the tip of your shoulder.  As you become more advanced, utilize the same measuring technique but this time pull the tips of your handles of your rope to your armpit.  The most advanced DU measurement measures the handles to your chest line.  Side note:  If you’re too scared to jump from shoulder to armpit, you can shorten your rope one inch at a time to create a slower advancement!

  • Know your bounce – do you like to donkey kick, you might have a calf endurance issue.  Maybe you’re more of a pike, in that case we focus on midline endurance and stabilization.   If you’re a tucker, your midline is strong but your cadence is off.   Once we know which bounce you have, we create more body awareness.  Penguin jumps with a double tap are fabulous for all three common faults.  Sub penguin jumps into a DU workout to increase calf endurance and midline stabilization as well creating a good jump cadence for you.

  •  Arms!  Nice and relaxed, about 4-6 inches out from your sides, slightly forward.  You should be able to barely see your hands moving in your peripheral vision.  What are your arms doing? Flapping like a bird taking flight? Maybe they go into airplane mode about 10 reps into your WOD and you keep tripping up.  If they’re moving anywhere, your arms are probably shortening your rope, causing lots of frustration.  A quick fix for that frustration: tuck a band or towel just below your armpit and don’t let it fall out! 


  • Our vision.  Our body will inevitably go where our eyes are looking.  Are you wondering what your feet are doing?  Don’t look!  Once your eyes go down, the rest of you follows:  Your head bows, your arms go back and out and then you trip.  Focus on one point on the wall and stick with it.  Don’t watch others around you, either!  Their cadence is not your cadence and can quickly get you into trouble with your own bounce!


  • Practice!  While we don’t want to go crazy with 1,000 double under attempts a day, we do want to get familiar with our rope.  Bringing your rope our and practicing with it is so important to your calf endurance and double under cadence.  Try for 10 sets of 10 unbroken to start, and move up from there!







Double Under Clinic and 45 Class

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Current Events

  • Double Under Clinic this weekend with Coach Kate! The clinic will be Sunday 2/10 from 10A-11A, and will help you master those pesky jump ropes. Participants will also receive a special discount code to RPM jump ropes!

  • Open Gym will follow the Double Under Clinic from 11A-12P

  • Parent/Kid Class this Sunday from 12P-1P

  • The CrossFit Games Open Starts 2/21! Head to to register, and make sure you pick “Ft. Wright CrossFit” as your affiliate. Don’t forget the “.” after Ft or it won’t find us.


Last Sunday we tested a new type of class and program that we are looking to add to our schedule. The class is based on a 45min time frame, and always includes a strength component and a metcon. Some days the strength is traditional barbell type work and other days it is gymnastics strength using our own body weight. The goal of the class is to build your base with fundamental movements, and to build strength!

Here is the specific programming focus for the month of February: This month our strength portion, we are going into a maintenance phase. It will have higher volume and increased time under tension. We will progress over the weeks but not towards a specific test! In both strength and workout, we will focus on upper body pressing and pulling. We want to increase the athlete’s upper body foundational strength! This makes the transition to more complex gymnastics easier. In addition, there will be a focus on aerobic conditioning, specifically on the bike and rower. A strong aerobic base, along with foundational strength, is essential for all athletes...but absolutely an essential element in our 45 program.

We received really positive feedback after the test class, and are looking forward to doing more with the program. Currently we are evaluating what times in the schedule will work, and where can make the classes accessible to the largest group of people. Stay tuned, exciting things are coming!