10/23: In House Teams and Nutrition Challenge Info

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Last 60 Nutrition Challenge by KG3 Nutrition

60 Day Team Nutrition Challenge

  • What the What? A team nutrition challenge?

    • That’s right!  Once all participants are signed up we will arrange them into teams (number of team members per team depends on number of signups) AND assign a coach to that team!  That’s right, the coaches are doing the challenge too, and their points count to the team also!

    • We will be utilizing the Wodify Rise app to record key metrics, tasks during the challenge.  Doing those thing will earn you points, and give you a place on the leaderboard. Weekly we will add up the points for each team and send out a team leaderboard.  Example: Kyle, Nathan, Jackie, and Devyn are on Coach Zach’s team and they have 203/150/220/195 points respectively, for a total of 768pts plus Coach Zachs 200pts gives them a team total of 968pts.  Which will then give them a placing on the Team Leaderboard.

    • So how do I win?  You don’t!  Your Team does!  The winning team will all win prizes, and maybe a little something extra for the Top Point Scorer and Coach!

  • Why?

    • We decided to try the team format so we could assign people to a coach that could help guide them through the process, and keep them accountable.  And we love team challenges!

  • When?

    • Starting November 1st, 2018.  Ending December 31st, 2018.

    • Signups will Open October 22, 2018 and close October 31, 2018.

  • How Much?

    • $50 plus taxes and fees (less than $1/day)

  • Sign Me Up!

In House Teams

RX Teams:

  • Adin/Steph

  • Dillon/Karley

  • Zach W/Morgan Z

  • Jack H/Leah C

  • Nathan P/Niki Howard

  • Matt C/Jodie W

  • Brandon B/Kelsey

  • Dan T/Kaylee

  • Jonas/Meredith

  • Tony L/Cait

  • Andy/Bailee

  • Cory/Katie M

  • Josh E/Liz

  • Todd/ Kate G

Scaled Teams

  • Ashley/Vernon

  • Digger/Heidi

  • David/Laura P

  • Jeff/Lindsay C

  • Laura T/Courtney P

  • Gina O/Carrie

  • Morgan F/Maureen

  • Maura/Cassie P

  • Sara W/Shelby