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Current Events

  • Zone Class Sunday 10/21@9AM. If you have a friend that’s not a member, they can sign up for a drop in online at ftwrightcrossfit.wodify.com and use the code “SUNDAYFUNDAY” for $5 off!

  • Halloween In-House Competition 10/27, 8am-12pm(at the latest) Sign up sheet is on the coaches desk, along with some FAQs. Deadline to Signup is 10/21.

  • Kids Day Camp: 10/28 (9A-12P) ages 7 and up

  • Kids Class with Costumes: 10/30

  • Last 60 Nutrition Challenge: Traditionally the last 60 days of the year are the hardest nutrition wise, with Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year we are going against that trend and doing a challenge to finish 2018 strong, and start 2019 on the right foot. More info to come on this next week.

  • Women’s Wellness Summit: 11/11, 1PM-4PM

What the, What?

  • You may have noticed a small change in our class structure the last few days. Here’s a brief video of why we made that change, and what it means for you!

As always I welcome your feedback, shoot me an email at: info@ftwrightcrossfit.com

Wanna get strong this Winter?

  • Coach Zach is offering personalized weightlifting programming tailored to your numbers, and to your goals!

  • What’s it look like? The programming is 3 days/week to be added in addition to the regular CrossFit class programming. Because it is individualized it will be specific to your numbers, and to your goals!

  • Interested? Reach out to Zach at zachwatts42@gmail.com for pricing and details