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What’s going on?

  • Keeneland Trip: 10/13, see Heidi Ferguson for details

  • Parent Kids Class: 10/14 @12PM

  • Sunday Zone Class: 10/21 @9AM

  • Halloween In-House Comp, 10/27, roughly scheduled 8AM-12PM but we will do our best to finish early. Sign up is on the Coaches Desk with a FAQ Guide. You sign up, I pick the teams, we all have fun.

  • Kids Class with Costumes: 10/30

  • Last 60 Nutrition Challenge: Traditionally the last 60 days of the year are the hardest nutrition wise, with Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year we are going against that trend and doing a challenge to finish 2018 strong, and start 2019 on the right foot. More info to come on this next week.

Snatch Technique