Nutrition Part 2 of 3

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Nutrition Part 2 of 3


Our bodies are designed to run on carbs. They are, by far, the preferred fuel. digested, carbohydrates are readily available for energy. Our brains, which accounts for 20-25% of our total energy expenditure, rely on a steady supply of blood glucose, primarily provided by carbohydrates. Because different sources of carbs provide varying levels of energy, vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals, you really need to vary your carb types. Cutting out or severely limiting carbs can cause stress on the body as it works overtime to make protein and fat do the job that carbohydrates should be doing. This stress could keep your body from performing at its physical and mental peak. Our favorite carbohydrates come from vegetable and fruit sources. Next, rice, oats and rarely processed foods like baked goods, pizza, etc.


It is easy to understand why people get jacked up about protein. The protein we consume provides the building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, hair, nails, skin and blood. Protein also supplies key components for enzymes and hormones, which perform thousands of essential body functions. However, constantly pushing more is not better, we do have to be careful of how hard protein can be on our kidneys. This is why I prefer to change macros as someone loses weight, so that the higher protein is a temporary Rx.


Fat has been made out to be the bad guy of the food world from 1 medical study. 1! Truth is—fat is as important and essential for our bodies as protein and carbohydrates. The lining of each of the millions of cells in our bodies is primarily fat AND our brains are 60% fat. Fat is necessary for absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. Fat helps us absorb sunshine and bananas!

Sounds logical, right? However, the Standard American Diet consists mostly of processed foods, crazy amounts of carbohydrates and all the wrong fats. When a person takes in more carbohydrates than they need, obesity results as the unused carbs are turned to fat. As athletes, carbohydrates should not be feared since we utilize them consistently.

Our first line of defense at Kg3 is always making sure that we are eating a healthy diet. Lean meats, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats are all part of that healthy diet. Although macros are not something the typical person needs to obsess over if they are eating that healthy diet, we do need to have a balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates in our usual eating pattern so our bodies function properly. Restriction and overconsumption can both occur as functions of disordered eating, and you do not have to have a diagnosed ED to have patterns of disordered eating. If you have questions about your eating pattern, set up an appointment with Coach Kate!

Nutrition Challenge

We are real close to the halfway mark, and here are your current standings(as of 8am 11/27):

  1. Team Grise

  2. Team Steph

  3. Team Jonas

  4. Team Biz

  5. Team Liz

  6. Team Kate

*Note: Only 1 point separates 1st and 2nd!

What’s Happening

  • Parent/Kids Class this Sunday 12/1 @12PM

  • Toy Drive to support Ronald McDonald House: Toy Bin in the gym for kids ages 2-21, shopping list on side of box

  • Friends and Family Week: 12/3-12/8. Have them fill out the waiver ahead of time at ftwrightcrossfit.wodify,com

    • We will also have a google form for them to fill out each time they come in.