Nutrition Part 3 of 3

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Nutrition Challenge

Down to our last month of the nutrition challenge, and Team Grise continues to hold onto their lead!

  1. Team Grise

  2. Team Steph

  3. Team Jonas

  4. Team Biz

  5. Team Liz

  6. Team Kate

What’s Happening?

  • Friends and Family Week this week! A couple key notes for that:

    • Have your friends and family fill out the waiver ahead of time at and follow the link for the “free trial”. Once they’re in the gym we will have them fill out a quick google form(they do this every time they come in.) Referral Discount: if someone signs up for a membership they will get $50 off their first month and you will get $50 off your next month! Next Steps: we will have a class Monday 12/10 at 5AM and 530PM to go over the Olympic Lifts, and then they will be able to join the regular class. Think of it as a 1 day Bootcamp class!

  • Santa is coming to CF Kids class on 12/18!

  • Christmas Schedule:

    • Sunday 12/23: Closed

    • Monday 12/24: 730AM and 9AM Classes

    • Tuesday 12/25: Closed

    • Wednesday 12/26: No 5AM/6AM or 8AM Zone.

      • Regular Schedule starts at 9AM: 9AM/330PM/430PM/530PM/630PM and 6PM Zone

Nutrition Part 3 of 3

  • Part 3 of our Nutrition Series will also be our first ever Podcast! This will be recorded and released later this week. In it we take a look behind KG3 Nutrition, go over some common pitfalls of nutrition, and some strategies you can use to improve your own nutrition!


Here’s a quick little burner you can try on the new Assault Runner:

10min EMOM

Odd Minutes: 200m Run

Even Minutes: 15 Burpees