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Nutrition Challenge

  • We are off to a great start! As of Sunday Team Steph has a slight lead over Teams Grise and Jonas(tied for 2nd) but we still have a long way to go! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication!

What’s Happening?

  • Kettlebell Kitchen is a local meal service that will be stopping by the gym today(11/6) to educate us on their products and provide some delicious samples!

  • This Saturday: 11/10 the gym will close after the 9am class, for some continuing education for our coaches.

  • This Sunday 11/11: we will have Open Gym from 10a-12P and then the Women’s Wellness Seminar from 1-4P

  • We will be collecting food for a Thanksgiving Food Drive, more info and a shopping checklist to come on that!


  • We have received great feedback on the new programming and have decided to continue with it. Thanks for working with us as we try to continue to improve.

  • If you’re looking for accessory programming to help with your specific goals let us know! Our coaches are knowledgeable and able to write programs that supplement the class, while meeting your individual needs as an athlete.