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Open Nutrition Help

  1. Hydrate!  
    • This is the number 1 thing you can do to boost your performance and to help your recovery.   Make sure you are staying hydrated through the week, leading up to Friday.  Then stay on hydrating after your workout to speed your recovery and get yourself in the best spot for a repeat.
  2. Stay on Plan
    • Make sure you are still hitting your macronutrient numbers, and are utilizing them at the appropriate time.  If you change your workout time for the Open, make sure you adjust your macro timing to account for that.  Give yourself the appropriate fuel for the WOD!
  3. Recover
    • Make certain you are hitting your post workout shake and meals within the optimal time window.  If you go in the first heat, make your shake and drink it while you judge the second heat.  That shake and meal are vital to your recovery and will give you the best chance at being prepared to repeat the workout.

The Open: Week 1

  • Congrats to everyone on their awesome scores, and congrats to Zach, Vince, Steph, and Megan for being FWCFs top scores!
  • 18.1 is in the books, and we are moving on to week 2!  We officially have 110 people signed up for the Open, which is a huge gym PR!
  • Now that we have week 1 under our belts, and some experience it's time to move on and set ourselves up for success on week 2.

Current Events

  • Parent/Kids class at 12P on 3/4/18
  • MyZone Class @9A on 3/4/18
  • 18.2 Released Thursday 3/1/18 at 8P, a few of us always watch it at the gym so feel free to drop by!
  • Make sure you go to https://www.facebook.com/FTWRIGHTZONE/ to like the Ft Wright Zone Page!  Seriously Do It!!!

Coaches Corner

  • Open Advice:
    • Use Thursday as an active recovery day.  You can certainly do the workout on Thursday, but don't go at it with 110% and completely exhaust yourself before the Open WOD Friday.  On the flip side of that don't sit in your recliner all day and watch Netflix, move around and stay active.
    • Hit it hard Friday.  We all know that we have multiple chances to repeat workouts, but the best way to learn something about a workout is to hit it hard and see what happens.  After giving it an honest best effort, look back and see if there is room for improvement, and where you could make that time up.
    • Theres always a chance to repeat.  If you feel like your strategy was way off, or you left a lot of reps on the table then you can always repeat on Monday.  Take Friday as a learning experience and try to get better.
    • If you feel like you gave it your all Friday and are happy with your score then don't repeat it.  Most of us aren't going to unseat Mat Fraser or Tia Toomey as the fittest on earth, so don't let the leaderboard make you feel like you need to repeat.  
    • Leaderboarding is dangerous in the wrong context.  While it is cool to see where you stack up worldwide, it does not define you.  Don't let position on the leaderboard dictate your self-worth.  For 99.9% of the world the Open is for fun, keep that in mind.