Friday 2/16

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Current Events

  • Parent/Kid Class on 3/4 at 12:00pm with Coach Liz! $5 per person, discounts available for multiple children. 
  • Parent’s Night Out will be held on 3/10/18 from 5pm to 9pm! 5 years and up! $10 per kid, discounts available for multiple children! Must email to reserve your spot! 
  • Zone is now offered Mon/Wed @ 12pm and 6:30pm, Tues/Thurs @ 7am and Fri @12pm! You must have a myzone belt to attend the class, rentals are available! 
  • #bringyourparenttozoneclass is happening on 3/4 at 9am! Yes bring your parents and show them how fun fitness can be!

Gym Update

  • It's coming along!  Drywall has been hung, and showers installed!

CrossFit Open

  • Sign up for the Open!
  • Open Logistics
    • As a gym we will do the workouts during normal class times on Fridays!
    • If you can't make it on Friday, or you want to re-do the workout to improve your score, you will have the opportunity on Mondays during regular class time
      • On Mondays classes will have 2 workouts:  The Open workout for makeup or re-do, and another workout of similar setup and timeframe.  So if you've already done the Open workout you can choose the new workout and get your fitness!  If you need to makeup you can do the Open workout!
    • We will not have special class times for you to redo or makeup your workout.  You can do it on Friday, or Monday, or both.
    • You will be responsible for submitting your score on the CrossFit Games website, as we are unable to do it for you.  We will validate your scores on Monday evening, and then you will be visible on the Leaderboard.
    • Assuming the workout format is the same as in years past, class format will look like this.  We will run  2 heats of the workout.  At the beginning of class you will find a partner, one of you will go in the first heat while the second person judges.  Then you will switch and the second person will do the workout and the first person will judge them.
    • Please be patient with us!  We have no advance knowledge of the workouts, so we are figuring out at the same time as you are!  We will do our best to help set you up for success, and keep the classes on time.  Sometimes because of the workouts classes will run a little bit long, so plan for that, but we will do our best to run on schedule.