Friday 2/9

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Water and Winter


Now that we are well into the frozen time of winter, we need to stay vigilant about our water intake.  With thirst response diminished, we can sometimes go for hours without drinking a single drop of water!  Sometimes, the signs of winter are actually signs of dehydration.  Check out my top 5 signs of winter and dehydration.  If you have any of these, make sure you up your H20 intake, even if you don’t feel like drinking it!

1.)    Constant colds.  Dehydration can dry out our mucus membranes and make them more susceptible to catching anything that we might run across.

2.)    Fatigue.  Lack of water intake, paired with CrossFit = exhaustion.  If you’re constantly feeling sluggish, it can definitely be a sign of dehydration.  Remember how much water you drank in the summer before, during and after CrossFit?  Try to maintain that throughout the rough winter months. 

3.)    Dry skin, a few extra crow’s feet or even a new major breakout?  Water flushes toxins from our system and keeps our skin supple.  Keep a cup next to your sink and drink a full 8 when you go to bed and also when you get up!

4.)    Chapped lips.  Think your chapped lips are from the cold air hitting them on your walk to work?  I’m willing to bet that it’s actually from lack of water.  Up your intake and give your lips 48 hours to improve!

5.)    You’re not sweating when you wod.  You might think it’s because it’s cold and you’re not warmed up enough but your body is putting out just as much effort as it does all year.  If your shirt is still dry, your hair isn’t damp and your arm pits are clean as a whistle, it might mean that you’re actually not drinking enough. 


Now go grab your FWCF Cup and get to drinking!

Current Events

  • We are adding Zone Classes!
    • Starting 2/12/18 we are adding Zone classes M/W@630PM and T/R @7AM
    • Note:  You MUST have a MyZone HR Monitor to attend class!  We will have a few belts available to rent for $20/class if you would rather "try before you buy"
  • Stacy Strong Open Shirts/Tanks will be in 2/21
  • The CrossFit Open is just a few short weeks away!  Signup at
  • Promise not to laugh, but here is a video from my very first CrossFit Open workout.  I was 2-3 months into CrossFit at the time, and had yet to reach "beard growing age"  This is proof that: #1:Everyone was a beginner at one point, #2: Anyone can do The Open!  Enjoy!

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