Grip Talk with Coach Zach


Ever wonder why a lot of people where those funny things on their hands during bar work?  Here's a breakdown from coach Zach on why to wear them and which grips he prefers.

"During regionals in 2017, one of the events featured 45 ring muscle ups. At the time, I hated gymnastic grips because they bunched up in my hand and they would never stay where I wanted them to, they were just uncomfortable. I finished the event but ended up with a rip in my hand the size of a silver dollar. Luckily for me, that was the last event of the weekend where grip was a major factor but from that point on, I realized that ripping my hands was not an option. I immediately committed to wearing grips for every possible gymnastic movement plus any movements that caused too much friction on my hands. My favorite grips to use are the 3-Hole Carbon Fiber Grips from Bear Komplex. The 3-Hole Grips give the most protection on my hand and the Carbon Fiber fabric really helps me stick to the pull-up bar for large sets especially on our Speal Bars at the gym. There’s a lot of gear that’s important to me in CrossFit but the one thing I’ll never forget is my grips."

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