Coach Liz is off to the Games!

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CrossFit Games Info

  • Coach Liz will start competition on 8/1 
  • You can follow along with the CrossFit Games App, and you can even "follow" athletes on the app to see when they will be competing again.  
  • For information on how to watch the games check out

Performance Nutrition

We all see how often and how much Coach Liz works out, right?  But the even more in-depth part of her training has been her nutrition.  Over the past 4 months, Coach Kate and Liz have been perfecting a plan for the CrossFit Games.  First, Coach Liz made a commitment of eating strictly on plan.  No alcohol, no pizza.  Second, they went through almost 40 recipes, Liz tested them for ease of making, how they made her feel physically and how they made her feel in training.   As Ben Bergeron says, be prepared for the unknown and unknowable.  With this in mind, they tested different scenarios with snacks and timing, some of which made Coach Liz feel not so hot!  Once they compiled a list of recipes and snacks Liz wanted to repeat, Kate made her own list of foods that could be made ahead of time and taken to the CrossFit Games for the week, along with foods that made easily on-site in Madison. 

Now, we are in the final leg of the CrossFit Games season.  With her nutrition dialed in tightly, Coach Liz has been putting up numbers, and feeling healthy.  Liz has truly earned and honored her place CrossFit Games 2018.   Follow @Kg3Nutrition and @ftwrightcrossfit on Instagram to see pictures of her Games week nutrition, and a few behind the scenes shots too!

Current Events

  • MBB is on 8/18/18, we have a lot of athletes competing so we will need as many volunteers as we can get.  Please sign up on the sheet on the coaches desk!