Current Events and the FWCF Intramural Open

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Current Events

  • February 14th - Wear RED! And don’t miss class because there will be chances to win some prizes! 

  • February 18th - the kids are off school so bring them to a pop up kids class! 

    10:30-11 (3 to 7) 

    11- 11:30 (8 and up) 

  • February 21st - THE OPEN starts! Sign up at

  • February 23rd - “Lifting Hearts” a parents night out! Please signup on the sheet on the coaches desk to reserve your spot! Age 5 - 12 years old, games, workouts, dinner and a movie! Don’t miss it! 

Intramural Open




-2019 FWCF Intramural Open

-Participants will be “drafted” or “recruited” on to a team with a Coach for a Captain.

-Each week participants can earn points for their team by performing the workout, with the opportunity to earn bonus points for various tasks (check ins, performance, team spirit, reviews etc)


-With all the changes to the CrossFit Games season this year we wanted to try something a little bit different, and have some fun!

-All your friends are doing it.


-All workouts will be done at FWCF

-Registration will be done at


-The Open runs from 2/21-3/25, with a Bonus week 6 WOD just for us

-Each week there will be 1 workout released on Thursday evening, and that workout will be programmed for the regular classes on the next day (Friday)

How Much?

-Registration for the Open is $20 on

-Make sure to list “Ft. Wright CrossFit” as your affiliate, and don’t forget the “.” behind “Ft”

Double Under Clinic Takeaways

What they learned!

  • Measuring your equipment!  For beginners and those with permanent mobility issues in the arms: stand on your rope with one foot, and pull the tips of the handles of your rope to the tip of your shoulder.  As you become more advanced, utilize the same measuring technique but this time pull the tips of your handles of your rope to your armpit.  The most advanced DU measurement measures the handles to your chest line.  Side note:  If you’re too scared to jump from shoulder to armpit, you can shorten your rope one inch at a time to create a slower advancement!

  • Know your bounce – do you like to donkey kick, you might have a calf endurance issue.  Maybe you’re more of a pike, in that case we focus on midline endurance and stabilization.   If you’re a tucker, your midline is strong but your cadence is off.   Once we know which bounce you have, we create more body awareness.  Penguin jumps with a double tap are fabulous for all three common faults.  Sub penguin jumps into a DU workout to increase calf endurance and midline stabilization as well creating a good jump cadence for you.

  •  Arms!  Nice and relaxed, about 4-6 inches out from your sides, slightly forward.  You should be able to barely see your hands moving in your peripheral vision.  What are your arms doing? Flapping like a bird taking flight? Maybe they go into airplane mode about 10 reps into your WOD and you keep tripping up.  If they’re moving anywhere, your arms are probably shortening your rope, causing lots of frustration.  A quick fix for that frustration: tuck a band or towel just below your armpit and don’t let it fall out! 


  • Our vision.  Our body will inevitably go where our eyes are looking.  Are you wondering what your feet are doing?  Don’t look!  Once your eyes go down, the rest of you follows:  Your head bows, your arms go back and out and then you trip.  Focus on one point on the wall and stick with it.  Don’t watch others around you, either!  Their cadence is not your cadence and can quickly get you into trouble with your own bounce!


  • Practice!  While we don’t want to go crazy with 1,000 double under attempts a day, we do want to get familiar with our rope.  Bringing your rope our and practicing with it is so important to your calf endurance and double under cadence.  Try for 10 sets of 10 unbroken to start, and move up from there!