4 Reasons That Everyone Should Do The CrossFit Open

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4 Reasons That Everyone Should Do The Open

  1. Motivation

    For a lot of people The Open is their first exposure to competitive CrossFit. It’s their first time having a judge thats calling out their reps, and holding them to a standard. The atmosphere is ramped up a lot, especially if their gym is doing a “Friday Night Lights” type event. Those things motivate people and cause them to push past their pre-conceived barriers. That’s why we see so many PRs and firsts during The Open. Imagine the scene of someone getting their first Muscle Up and the gym exploding with cheers, that’s what its all about!

  2. Validation

    For better or worse The Open will validate your last year of training. Maybe you spent the off season working on your weaknesses, and trying to finally master the HSPU. This is the time to see all that hard work pay off. On the flip side maybe your training wasn’t where you wanted it to be and “life” kept getting in the way. But you signed up for The Open anyway, and surprised yourself with your performance!

  3. Community

    This is my favorite part of The Open! Seeing your fellow CrossFitters doing well, and pushing themselves harder than they have before. That shared suffering bonds us, and gives us something to talk about for years to come. Not only does it bring together your local affiliate, it brings together the entirety of the CrossFit Community and is the one opportunity a year that everyone is doing the same programming. Later on you can run into a fellow CrossFitter in the airport and reminisce about how terrible 16.5 was.

  4. Growth

We have all heard the quote “great things never came from comfort zones” The Open will definitely push you outside of your comfort zone. You will push harder than you are used to, and comfortable with. You will be forced to try things that you may not be good at, and you will be forced to do more reps than you are used to. But guess what? Outside your comfort zone is where all the growth happens. Being forced out of your comfort zone will not only bring you physical growth, but mental growth as well. You will learn that you had a whole place in your mind that you didn’t know existed. We call this the dark place, and during The Open, we call it home.

Current Events

  • February 21st - The first Open Workout will be released at 8PM on games.crossfit.com, we will do the workout as the class WOD on 2/22

  • February 23rd - Lifting Hearts Event from 5p-9p, sign up at the coaches desk! We are going to have so much fun!

  • We will continue to have the 45min classes on Sundays at 10AM, Strength + a Metcon in a quick 45min format!

  • March 3rd - Yoga with Brenda ($5 cash) for the class at noon.