The Open is Over, Now What?

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The Open is Over, Now What?

The last week of The Open has came and past, and you are probably a mixture of relieved and sad.  Every year The Open gives us triumph as we do things that we’ve never done before, or push harder than before.  It also humble us.  It exposes our weaknesses and shows us the things we haven’t been working on.  When those magical 5 weeks are over we are often left feeling like what’s next?

This year of The CrossFit Games season is special; this year we get to have 2 Opens.  In October there will be another Open, that is the initial qualifying stage for the 2020 CrossFit Games.  So instead of having to wait a whole year to test our skills again, we get 6 months to sharpen our swords and go into battle again.  Six months to work skill progressions and get that HSPU, or get that Muscle Up.  Six months to follow some dedicated strength training, so we can move heavier barbells in workouts.  Six months to get better than we are today.

The Open is over, now what?  Now we train.  Now we dedicate ourselves to the process, and put in the work.  We can’t stop time, and October will be here before you know it.  The question is, will you be ready?

Final Intramural Standings

  1. Chuck Norris Freedom Eagles: 207pts

  2. Kung Fu Macro Ninjas: 187pts

  3. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It: 170pts

  4. Team Sasquatch: 166pts

-19.5 Top Scores:

-Vince Lanning 13:13, Ryan Brown 14:50, Kyle Stark 15:29

-Leah Cole 18:18, Karla Allison 18:56 , Kelsey Leonard 19:11

-19.5 Spirit Award Winners: Team Sasquatch

-19.5 Best BBQ Winners: Kung Fu Macro Ninjas

-19.6 Row Biathlon Winners: Chuck Norris Freedom Eagles