Intramural Standings and Group Personal Training

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Current Events

  • 19.6 will be held this Saturday 3/23 at 10:30AM. We will still have our regularly scheduled classes 615A/730A/9A and then we will do the Row Biathlon (19.6). Following the Row Biathlon we will have the BBQ cook off for 19.5 Bonus Points. Chefs please have your food(1 BBQ item and 1 side) ready for judging at 11:30A

Intramural Standings

  • Top Male Scores: Kyle Stark 11:54/Nathan Wassler 123 reps/Andrew Zimmerman 119 reps

  • Top Female Scores: Leah Cole 117 reps/ Morgan Zimmerman 113 reps/ Karla Allison 109 reps

  • Team Spirit Award: Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

  • Best Hype Video: Team Sasquatch

  • Standings

    • 1. Chuck Norris Freedom Eagles: 165pts

    • 2. Kung Fu Macro Ninjas: 155pts

    • 3. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It: 143pts

    • 4. Team Sasquatch: 131pts

Group Personal Training

We all know and love the group class aspect of CrossFit. But sometimes it is easier to learn in a smaller setting, especially when it comes to gymnastic and weightlifting skills. Nothing beats the 1-1 attention of a knowledgeable coach that can give you tips, and homework to improve your technique. Let’s be honest though, 60 minutes of Muscle Up practice would leave anyones arms ready to fall off. Enter group personal training, which allows you to split the cost of the session, and give yourself a little rest while other people work the same skill. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Email for more info or to get scheduled.