Friday Fun 10/13/17


-Tis the Season for office parties and Halloween Candy.  Here are some helpful tips from KG3 Nutrition to mitigate that risk, and stay on track with your Nutrition.

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It’s office party time at work!
It’s hard to play the social game at birthday party time, but it’s important you have a game plan!  You might feel uncomfortable with the comments from co-workers about passing on that store bought celebration cake, so here are a few tips to get you through it!

  1. Pre-determine how much cake you can have and not have it wreck your day.  Asking for a small slice and then eating half of it still allows you to politely participate but is only about 150 calories in comparison to having a full piece at more like 400 calories.
  2. Take your own food.  A well placed “Hey guys, I’ve been so busy today!  I’m just going to eat my lunch with you now while you party” works wonders. 
  3. Bring your own drink.  Usually the division you work in has a budget for celebrations and part of that budget is almost always spent on sugary drinks.  By bringing your own water or coffee you can easily skip the drink line.
  4. Don’t get frustrated.  Yes, sometimes it’s hard to be the odd man out at these kinds of events but you have a life without limits that you’re pursuing and nutrition is part of that pursuit.  Do a mental check of where you see yourself and your emotions before you hit the door of the party and you’ll leave with your goals intact and a happy feeling!

Current Events

*In House Halloween Competition tomorrow 10/14.  Competition starts 830AM!

*Stacy Strong Yoga Night Tonight 10/13 @7PM, $10 going directly to Stacy Strong Scholarship Fund

Coaches Corner

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What We're Pondering

-I wrote this recently as an answer to "Why I Started a CrossFit Gym" and it has become a motto around here.  Enjoy!

“Life Without Limits”


Our mission is to empower people to live a “Life Without Limits”.  That means that you are no longer limited to what you can do, because of your health and fitness.  We provide a program that gives you a baseline fitness level, and teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Have a friend that’s going hiking and rock climbing?  You can do that.  Is your co-worker doing a 5K run to benefit charity?  You can do that.  Does your kid need a soccer coach that is capable of running up and down the sidelines with them?  You can do that.  You possess a broad, all inclusive fitness, that will lend itself to any activity you choose.  Your life is no longer limited by your health and fitness, you’re living a “Life Without Limits”.


The program at FWCF is designed to cover all the domains of fitness (cardio/respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, speed, power, agility, accuracy, flexibility, and balance) giving you an all inclusive fitness that can be applied to any activity.  By intentionally varying the exercises we work in all the 10 different domains, and develop them simultaneously.  Some days we run, some days we lift weights, some days we do bodyweight movements, and still other days we combine several of those together.  Our specialty is not specializing, life is unpredictable and we want a fitness that can be applied across the board.


In addition to our fitness programming we offer a wide variety of Nutrition services.  To put it simply, your food is what fuels you.  Are you fueling yourself with the highest quality, and appropriate quantity of food?  Or are you giving it your best guess, and trying to eat healthy?  Let us show you the right way to do that, and get you the best possible fuel for your healthy lifestyle.


These things aren’t a quick fix, or a short term goal.  This is designed to become a lifestyle for you.  To be something that you can continue for the rest of your long, and healthy life.  Life isn’t easy, and neither is this program.  But it will prepare you for life, and allow you to do things that you couldn’t do before.  It will give you, a “Life Without Limits”.