Friday 12/15

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Two months ago it was leftover Halloween candy.  Last month it was leftover pumpkin pie.  This month, the dreaded December.  Everything from peanut brittle to chocolate pretzels to peppermint candies and cupcakes are littering your kitchenette.  Yes, everyone has the best intentions – “But it’s the holidays!” or “Live a little it’s Christmas!” but if you’re trying to attain body goals these land mines are anything but a celebration.  Here are a few quick ideas to tackle the office junk food explosion.


  1. Make a rule.  My rule for my office is that I don’t eat store bought treats. Ever.  If I needed them I would have bought them for myself from the store.  Exceptions:  a bit of a homemade specialty, i.e. my co-worker was raised in Greece and makes Baklava for Christmas.  
  2. If you’re stressed, take a walk and make sure that walk stays away from the kitchen.  You know that “I’m tired/avoiding emails/rude co-workers” walk we all take?  Yeah, take it to the streets, or the stairwells, anywhere but the kitchen.  
  3. Be prepared.  Make sure you’re bringing your lunch and keeping your snacks on hand.  Simple but effective.

FWCF Liftoff: Powered by KG3 Nutrition

  • Takes place tomorrow 12/16 at 8AM!  Winning team gets free 1-1 Nutrition Consultations!

Cool Stuff

Holiday Hours

  • 12/23:  Normal Hours (8A/9A)
  • 12/24: 8A and 9A (12 Days of Christmas WOD)
  • 12/25: Closed
  • 12/26: 8A and 930A
  • 12/31: Closed
  • 1/1: Open Gym (CrossFit Total) TBA


  • 3 tips to improve your Snatch
    • Setup:  Make sure you are setting up correctly so you can transfer as much leg drive as possible into the bar.  One common mistake is not engaging the lats, so think about squeezing a sponge in your armpits, that will make sure your arms aren't interfering with your leg drive.
    • Patience:  Be patient!  Allow the bar to come all the way up to your pockets before you jump.  You should have a nice vertical chest when the bar gets to your hip, then when you jump the bar comes straight up.
    • Catch: Punch up into the bar as you are receiving it.  This allows for your shoulder to be in a stable position when receiving the weight, and for your elbow and wrists to be locked out.  Find that stable position and stand up with the weight proudly over your head!