Friday 2/2


Current Events

  • FWCF Serves at the City Gospel Mission Diner on 2/9 @6PM heres a link to the event on FB:
  • Parent/Kids class 2/4 at Noon, $5ea.
  • Register for the Open at and sign up under our affiliate "Ft. Wright CrossFit", don't forget the "." when searching. 
  • We plan on hanging out and watching the first Open Announcement Thursday 2/22@8PM, come join us!

Coaches Corner

  • Try this "fun" little warmup from Coach Zach:
    • 10 RDs: Every 2:00 (20:00 total)
    • 10 cal Ski, 10 cal Bike, 10 cal Row
    • Scale to your skill! I did 8 cal :)