Assault Bike vs Echo Bike

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- Kids Day Camp is this Sunday (1/13) 12pm to 3pm ages: 8 and up! Sign up is on the Coaches Desk.

- Our diaper drive is going on for our next four mamas! Help us shower them with diapers and wipes! 

- Katy Young Memorial WOD will be held on Saturday, January 26th, all classes will be doing her WOD. All classes are open to the public. 


  • One of my goals for the year is to educate and share more. That means creating more content and “putting myself out there”. With that being said I created a video that explains why we have been investing more in the Rogue Echo Bike, instead of the Assault Bike. I realize now that I made a mistake filming and didn’t turn the camera. Lesson learned. If you have any ideas, or something you would like me to talk about shoot me an email!