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Nutrition: Part 1 of 3

KG3 Nutrition provides us with answers to some frequently asked questions.

  1. Why does our metabolism slow as we age?

Metabolism actually starts slowing at age 20, bummer right? But since we are all getting older and can’t stop time, let’s take a look at what happens and how to fight that slow down!

  • It’s in our cells. Nerd Alert! Parts of our cells become less efficient as we age having an effect on our metabolism. Thanks a lot mitochondria.

  • The average adult loses about 5% of muscle for each decade after 30. Again, blame those cells. Cell growth is called “anabolism” and cell teardown is called “catabolism”. A small part of the natural aging process is that your body becomes more resistant to cell growth signals, resulting in muscle loss.

  • Hormones, glands and more science!

a. Pituitary gland. This gland reaches maximum size about middle age but then gradually becomes smaller, resulting in lower metabolism.

b. Thyroid. With aging, the thyroid gland physically changes, resulting in slower function. Tests can still come back in normal ranges so it’s best to ask your doc for a full panel.

c. Parathyroid. Parathyroid hormone affects calcium and phosphate levels, which affect bone strength. Think osteoporosis.

d. Adrenal glands.

· We hear tons about cortisol, right? It gets tons of airplay on TV commercials but remains largely unchanged as we age….the release of cortisol declines but the serum values remain roughly the same.

· Aldosterone regulates fluid and electrolyte balance and declines naturally with age.

e. Testosterone decreases gradually as men age.

f. Estrogen decrease significantly as women age.

  • 4) Those organs tho.

a. Pancreas. The average fasting glucose level rises every 10 years after age 50 as the cells become less sensitive to the effects of insulin.

So what do you do?

* Lift heavy!

o Increases bone density

o Reverses sarcopenia (the medical word for muscle loss with aging)

o Increases brain function (just an added bonus)

* CrossFit

o Intense aerobic exercise boosts lean body mass

o Increases mitochondrial function for skeletal muscle

o Increases energy and staves off the dreaded “sit on the couch of aging”

* Eat right.

o Eat lean meats, and vegetables. Nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat….

Yes, now as we become Masters, we have to work differently to get the same results. Sometimes it’s a bummer that we can’t eat or drink, binge watch TV or sit around for days on end. The small price to pay for the blessing of growing old, isn’t it?

What’s Happening?

Thanksgiving Schedule

  • Wednesday 11/21: No 6PM Zone or 630PM CrossFit

  • Thursday 11/22: Gym is Closed

  • Friday 11/23: Normal Hours

  • Saturday 11/24: Normal Hours

  • Sunday 11/25: 10AM Zone 90 Class

Friends and Family Week

  • Monday 12/3 to Saturday 12/9

  • Please have your F&F fill out the waiver ahead of time at

  • There will also be a short Google Form that they will fill out each time they come, so we can track attendance!


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Nutrition Challenge

Here are your standings as of 9AM 11/13:

  1. Team Grise

  2. Team Steph

  3. Team Jonas

  4. Team Biz

  5. Team Liz

  6. Team Kate

Keep it up teams! One thing that has really helped me is to set reminders on my phone to enter everything in. That way I don’t forget!

What’s Happening

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive: Please help us to collect for for local families this Thanksgiving! There are 3 boxes at the gym with shopping lists attached. Grab an item off the list and mark it off as you put it in the box!

  • Kids Day Camp: Happening this Saturday 11/17 from 12P-3P. Signup sheet for this is located on the Coaches desk.

  • Baby Picture: Sunday @12:15PM. All the babies that have been born in the last few years to members of FWCF.

Thanksgiving Schedule

  • Wednesday 11/21: No 6PM Zone or 630PM CrossFit

  • Thursday 11/22: Closed All Day

  • Friday 11/23: Normal Schedule

  • Saturday 11/24: Normal Schedule

  • Sunday 11/25: 10AM Zone 90

At Home Fun

  • If you need to get some fitness in at home over the holidays, here is a fun workout that requires no equipment:

    • 5RDs for time:

    • 20 Pushups

    • 30 Squats

    • Every minute on the minute (starting at 0:00) 5 Burpees


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Nutrition Challenge

  • We are off to a great start! As of Sunday Team Steph has a slight lead over Teams Grise and Jonas(tied for 2nd) but we still have a long way to go! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication!

What’s Happening?

  • Kettlebell Kitchen is a local meal service that will be stopping by the gym today(11/6) to educate us on their products and provide some delicious samples!

  • This Saturday: 11/10 the gym will close after the 9am class, for some continuing education for our coaches.

  • This Sunday 11/11: we will have Open Gym from 10a-12P and then the Women’s Wellness Seminar from 1-4P

  • We will be collecting food for a Thanksgiving Food Drive, more info and a shopping checklist to come on that!


  • We have received great feedback on the new programming and have decided to continue with it. Thanks for working with us as we try to continue to improve.

  • If you’re looking for accessory programming to help with your specific goals let us know! Our coaches are knowledgeable and able to write programs that supplement the class, while meeting your individual needs as an athlete.


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Nutrition Challenge

  • We are quickly approaching the start of our Nutrition Challenge (11/1), click here to get signed up:

  • On 10/31 we will send out a questionnaire that will allow us to calculate individual macros for each participant.

  • On 11/1 we will choose Teams and assign each team a coach

  • From 11/1 to 12/31 you will accumulate points in the Wodify Rise app by completing tasks(attending CF class, taking pictures of your food etc….)

  • Team with the most points wins!

What’s Happening

  • 10/31: No Zone class @6PM

  • 11/3: Paintball at Potters Ranch, see Heidi Ferguson for details

  • 11/4: Sunday Open Gym 10A-12P, Followed by Parent/Kids Class @12PM


  • Who cares about the technique of my Air Squat? Today we are spending a good amount of time working to improve our technique in the Air Squat. Certainly not the most sexy movement in CrossFit, but it is foundational to so many other movements (wallballs/thrusters/snatch/clean) that it is worth taking the time to perfect. Here is quick video from Chuck Carswell (AMAZING CF Coach) about technique as it relates to performance.


10/23: In House Teams and Nutrition Challenge Info

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Last 60 Nutrition Challenge by KG3 Nutrition

60 Day Team Nutrition Challenge

  • What the What? A team nutrition challenge?

    • That’s right!  Once all participants are signed up we will arrange them into teams (number of team members per team depends on number of signups) AND assign a coach to that team!  That’s right, the coaches are doing the challenge too, and their points count to the team also!

    • We will be utilizing the Wodify Rise app to record key metrics, tasks during the challenge.  Doing those thing will earn you points, and give you a place on the leaderboard. Weekly we will add up the points for each team and send out a team leaderboard.  Example: Kyle, Nathan, Jackie, and Devyn are on Coach Zach’s team and they have 203/150/220/195 points respectively, for a total of 768pts plus Coach Zachs 200pts gives them a team total of 968pts.  Which will then give them a placing on the Team Leaderboard.

    • So how do I win?  You don’t!  Your Team does!  The winning team will all win prizes, and maybe a little something extra for the Top Point Scorer and Coach!

  • Why?

    • We decided to try the team format so we could assign people to a coach that could help guide them through the process, and keep them accountable.  And we love team challenges!

  • When?

    • Starting November 1st, 2018.  Ending December 31st, 2018.

    • Signups will Open October 22, 2018 and close October 31, 2018.

  • How Much?

    • $50 plus taxes and fees (less than $1/day)

  • Sign Me Up!

In House Teams

RX Teams:

  • Adin/Steph

  • Dillon/Karley

  • Zach W/Morgan Z

  • Jack H/Leah C

  • Nathan P/Niki Howard

  • Matt C/Jodie W

  • Brandon B/Kelsey

  • Dan T/Kaylee

  • Jonas/Meredith

  • Tony L/Cait

  • Andy/Bailee

  • Cory/Katie M

  • Josh E/Liz

  • Todd/ Kate G

Scaled Teams

  • Ashley/Vernon

  • Digger/Heidi

  • David/Laura P

  • Jeff/Lindsay C

  • Laura T/Courtney P

  • Gina O/Carrie

  • Morgan F/Maureen

  • Maura/Cassie P

  • Sara W/Shelby


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Current Events

  • Zone Class Sunday 10/21@9AM. If you have a friend that’s not a member, they can sign up for a drop in online at and use the code “SUNDAYFUNDAY” for $5 off!

  • Halloween In-House Competition 10/27, 8am-12pm(at the latest) Sign up sheet is on the coaches desk, along with some FAQs. Deadline to Signup is 10/21.

  • Kids Day Camp: 10/28 (9A-12P) ages 7 and up

  • Kids Class with Costumes: 10/30

  • Last 60 Nutrition Challenge: Traditionally the last 60 days of the year are the hardest nutrition wise, with Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year we are going against that trend and doing a challenge to finish 2018 strong, and start 2019 on the right foot. More info to come on this next week.

  • Women’s Wellness Summit: 11/11, 1PM-4PM

What the, What?

  • You may have noticed a small change in our class structure the last few days. Here’s a brief video of why we made that change, and what it means for you!

As always I welcome your feedback, shoot me an email at:

Wanna get strong this Winter?

  • Coach Zach is offering personalized weightlifting programming tailored to your numbers, and to your goals!

  • What’s it look like? The programming is 3 days/week to be added in addition to the regular CrossFit class programming. Because it is individualized it will be specific to your numbers, and to your goals!

  • Interested? Reach out to Zach at for pricing and details


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What’s going on?

  • Keeneland Trip: 10/13, see Heidi Ferguson for details

  • Parent Kids Class: 10/14 @12PM

  • Sunday Zone Class: 10/21 @9AM

  • Halloween In-House Comp, 10/27, roughly scheduled 8AM-12PM but we will do our best to finish early. Sign up is on the Coaches Desk with a FAQ Guide. You sign up, I pick the teams, we all have fun.

  • Kids Class with Costumes: 10/30

  • Last 60 Nutrition Challenge: Traditionally the last 60 days of the year are the hardest nutrition wise, with Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year we are going against that trend and doing a challenge to finish 2018 strong, and start 2019 on the right foot. More info to come on this next week.

Snatch Technique

Survey Results

  1. How Would you rate the cleanliness of the gym?

    • Average: 4.79 out of 5

    • Really happy to see this, as we devote a lot of time, resources, and take a lot of pride in the cleanliness of the gym.  

  2. How would you rate the Safety of the gym?

    • Average: 4.83 out of 5

    • There were a few comments regarding kids running around during classes, but more on that later.

  3. How would you rate the coaching staff?

    • Average: 4.87 out of 5

    • Happy to see this, as all of our coaches have 3+ years of experience.

  4. How would you rate the quality of instruction?

    • Average: 4.78 out of 5

    • There were a few comments about more gymnastics and weightlifting instruction.  We will take these under advisement, and plan to have our own instruction for coaching these movements at our next coaches meeting.

  5. Which of these best describes your Goals?

    • Lose weight and tone muscle


    • General Health and Wellness


    • To compete in CrossFit


    • Other (please specify)


    • Most of the “Other” were combinations of the other 3.

  6. What would you like to see more of?

    • Nutrition Challenges


    • In-House Competitions


    • Social Gatherings


    • Free Seminars (Strength, Competitor, etc...)


    • Hill Runs


    • Other (please specify)


    • Again most of the “other” responses were “more of everything, except hill runs”

    • The top 2 responses were subject specific seminars, and nutrition challenges. We have both planned for this year, with Double Under and Running Seminars, and a “Last 60” Nutrition Challenge.

  7. If you would like to see a morning Weightlifting class, what time?

    • 5AM


    • 530AM


    • 6AM


    • 630AM


    • In the past we have only done evening weightlifting classes, and we wanted to gauge the interest of a morning class. Also having an idea of what time most people would prefer is helpful, so be on the lookout for a signup for a morning weightlifting class soon!

  8. Do you have any other feedback, or ways for us to improve?

    • There was a lot of feedback, both positive and negative. I’ll do my best to summarize and address those below.

    • Multiple complaints about kids running around during classes, and generally making an unsafe situation. I would say that 2/3 of the additional comments were directed at this subject. I take responsibility for this, as I haven’t been as aware of this lately as I should be. I often get so focused on my class that I miss it happening. One of the most often referenced times was during evening Zone class, as they’re usually right outside the kids room. Parents please help us control this, your kids are more likely to listen to you than some bearded stranger. Please note that I’ve instructed the coaches that if the kids won’t listen, then stop the parents workout, and have them address it. Safety is the goal here, both for your kids and the people working out.

    • Had a few comments about wanting more gymnastics instruction, specifically in place of “no measure” cool-downs. We took this under advisement, but if you look at the “Goals” question; 87% are looking for “General Health and Wellness”, or “Lose Weight/Tone Muscle.” With those goals in mind our no measure cool-downs have focused on Cardio and Core Strength. Meaning running and ab exercises translate better to overall health than the ability to do a bar muscle up. However I think there is a way to do both, 1. By improving our gymnastic instruction during warmups and 2. Potentially doing “skill sessions”: outside of regular class time. Those skill sessions could also be videoed and distributed for everyones benefit.


  • First of all thank you to everyone that filled out the survey. I really do appreciate your feedback and can assure you that I read every one of your comments. It’s very easy to sit back and assume you are doing the right thing, so it’s nice to hear of things we’re doing right and things we’re doing wrong. Our gym has changed a lot over the last 6 years, and almost all for the better. Thank you for believing in us, and we will continue to work hard to make this place better, and to make it the best hour of your day!

  • If you have any additional feedback, or would like further explanation of anything please feel free to email me at: